Recovery Homes

Recent research indicates that 17.6 million people in the United States – about 1 in 12 adults – abuse alcohol or are alcohol dependent.

More often than not, recovery from addiction requires far more than just quitting “cold turkey.” MAAC provides culturally-sensitive residential communities at two locations for adults seeking a structured, supportive environment in which they can overcome addiction to alcohol or drugs. Residents often arrive at MAAC’s Recovery Homes as a last chance for hope: substance abuse may have left them unemployed, disconnected from family and friends, ostracized by society, incarcerated, homeless – or all of the above. Unable to turn elsewhere, women depend on MAAC to transform their lives.

Casa De Milagros is tucked away in a quiet corner of Southcrest, accommodating up to 18 women in a sprawling home, offering semi-private rooms. Nosotros is a multi-level bungalow atop a hill overlooking Chula Vista, and houses up to 17 adult men in a dormitory-style setting. Both communities are licensed by the California State Department of Alcohol & Drug Programs.

Potential residents are referred to either recovery home by partners such as the County of San Diego and Mental Health Systems. Prior to admission, clients undergo an intake assessment to establish program readiness. Residents are asked to commit to a minimum six-month stay to fully benefit from the services offered.

MAAC’s Recovery Homes are drug and alcohol free communities staffed seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Most resident rooms are double-occupancy while common living areas include the kitchen and dining rooms, community room and a spacious courtyard. Meals are enjoyed family-style, allowing residents to build rapport with one another. The community living environment provide an added benefit to the program structure; residents share household responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, front desk reception and activity scheduling. The rotating assignments promote accountability and help form positive habits upon transition to employment and/or a new home. While residing at Casa De Milagros or Nosotros, residents are expected to abide by house rules addressing sobriety, conduct, safety, confidentiality.

Residents are expected to participate in, and benefit from, comprehensive services geared towards recovery and self-sufficiency. The wrap-around program structure includes:

  • Counseling – Residents benefit from both individual and group sessions facilitated by trained staff. Sessions are held frequently to develop and reinforce positive behaviors. Residents are also required to regularly attend Alcoholics and/or Narcotics Anonymous meetings.
  • Educational Workshops – Informational sessions address topics such as health, relapse prevention, parenting skills, conflict resolution, anger management and domestic violence.
  • Self-Esteem Building Exercises – Staff facilitate team-building activities and group bonding projects to build a sense of community and accountability.
  • Access to Community Resources – Residents are referred to available community resources such as vocational training, food vouchers, continuing education and housing.
Combined with a supportive residential environment, recovering addicts find the strength, confidence and resources to thrive. Successes of those who “graduate” from MAAC’s Recovery Homes include reunification with their children, securing employment, obtaining permanent housing – in addition to their biggest accomplishment: overcoming substance abuse.

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For more information about Casa de Milagros, please call (619) 262-4002.
For more information about Nosotros, please call (619) 426-4801.

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