El Cortito Art Mural

About the El Cortito Art Mural

The proposed mural at the historic Chicano Park, located in the Barrio Logan Community of San Diego, California, portrays the Farm Workers struggle to outlaw the hazardous short-handled hoe also referred to as “El Cortito.”

The cortito is a hoe with an eight-inch handle that requires farm workers to stoop rather than stand when weeding or thinning crops. El Cortito caused thousands of farm workers to suffer permanent and disabling back injury. The outlawing of the use of “El Cortito” introduced by attorneys Marty Glick, and Maurice “Mo” Jourdane, under the auspices of California Rural Legal Assistance, is viewed as a milestone case in the history of justice for farm workers in the United States.

The proposed sketch portrays farm workers using the short-hoe in the fields over a deformed human spine. Emanating from each of the deformed vertebrae are rows of crops reaching upwards towards the upper part of the pillar.

In the center below the spine a protest march led by Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta of the United Farm Workers of America — followed by farm workers and community members leaving the fields to join the march. Below the march are farm workers using the long handle hoe proud of their work in the fields.

Mario Chacon is the Lead Artist, along with a team of artist assistants to create this piece.

We are very thankful for your support to honor the struggles won by farm workers represented in this historic case interpreted in a Chicano Park mural.

For more information on this art project or discuss ways that you can support, please contact Olivia Jourdane at ofjourdane@cox.net or oliviafloresjourdane@gmail.com.