electric vehicle (ev) access program

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EV Panel: Which EV is Right for You?
Wednesday April 17th, @ 5:30PM

EV Panel: How Electric Vehicles Can Save You Money?
Wednesday April 24th, @ 6PM

EV Panel: Electric Vehicle Affordability
Friday April 26th, @ 12:00PM

For program updates, we encourage individuals to submit an interest form or continue checking our website for updates! 

What can the program offer you?

  • Education: Education on EV Ownership such as charging type and cost, maintenance, etc.
  • Support: Applying for incentives and rebates* to lower the purchase price of your EV and help you find an EV to fit your needs and budget
  • Coaching: Preparing you for the loan application process and loan repayment. Also, free access to one-on-one financial coaching to improve your purchase readiness
  • Special Financing: Access to special vehicle financing at 3.99-5.99% interest for eligible participants**

*State-funded partners determine eligibility and qualify participants for incentives and rebates.
**Banking partner determines eligibility and qualifies participants for loans. Participation in MAAC’s program does not guarantee a loan or down payment assistance.

Are you eligible for the program?

  • Be a San Diego County resident
  • Meet income eligibility

Check Your Household’s Income Eligibility

Household Size


Combined Household Income Must Be Less Than


*Count only yourself plus any spouse, registered domestic partner, guardians, and/or dependents you have.

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid California’s driver license or AB60
  • No current or recent auto delinquencies or auto repossessions
  • Ability to repay loans and costs related to vehicle ownership

Do you want to learn about EVs and how much you can save? For more information play the video below.

For more information regarding the program, please complete our interest form, or contact our EV Access team at EVAccess@MAACproject.org or (619) 883.6812 & (619) 883.6852.