electric vehicle (ev) access program

MAAC is not currently enrolling new participants in this program. If you are interested, and would like to be contacted when enrollment re-opens, please complete the interest form at the link below to join our waitlist. Thank you!

Prospective Participants

Join our Electrical Vehicle Educational Series

Want to learn more about the benefits of owning an electric vehicle  (EV)?  Our Vehicle Educational Series offers an opportunity to learn about EV technology, the benefits of owning an EV, State and Federal incentives and rebates, and much more.

Which EV is Right for You
(EV Access Program Orientation)
Tuesday, June 6th at 5PM

Which EV is Right for You
(EV Access Program Orientation)
Tuesday, June 20th at 5PM

Electric Vehicle

Tuesday, June 13th at 10AM

Tuesday, June 13th at 5PM

Electric Vehicle

Monday, June 26th at 10AM

Monday, June 26th at 5PM

For more information:

Lissie Parra, EV Access Program Coordinator, 619.883.6852, lparra@MAACproject.org

How Much Can You Save with Your Next Car?

What can the program offer you?

• Help finding a car that meets your needs and that you can afford
• Support applying for incentives and rebates to lower the purchase price of preowned or new plug-in vehicles
• Vehicle financing at 3.99 – 5.99% interest
• Education and coaching to prepare you for the loan application process and loan repayment
• Education to prepare you for EV ownership e.g. maintaining plug-in vehicles, charging plug-in vehicles

Are you eligible for the program?

  • Be a San Diego County resident
  • Meet income eligibility
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Possess a valid California’s driver license or AB60
  • No current or recent auto delinquencies or auto repossessions
  • Ability to repay loans and costs related to vehicle ownership

Check Your Household’s Income Eligibility

*Count only yourself plus any spouse, registered domestic partner, guardians, and/or dependents you have.

For more information regarding the program, please complete our interest form, or contact program staff at EVAccess@maacproject.org or 619.426.3595.

Do you want more information on existing Electric Vehicle Rebate programs? For more information play the video below.

Partners / Funders

The primary purpose of the Electric Vehicle (EV) Access Program is to reduce carbon emissions and increase renewable energy usage in communities of concern through an increase in the adoption of electric vehicles. 

Other purposes of the Electric Vehicle Access Program are: 
  1. Demonstrate the cost-savings and environmental value of Electric Vehicles to LMI community members.
  2. Provide an opportunity for LMI families to establish or repair credit.
  3. Demonstrate value of EV charging station installations in low to middle income (LMI) communities to elected officials and decision makers. 
  4. Create a scalable, sustainable, replicable program delivery model for other communities of concern.   

Pilot Phase: Program Design 

For more information regarding the program and potential partnership opportunities, please contact Director of Economic Development, Flora Barron at fbarron@maacproject.org.

MAAC receives funding from the Center for Sustainable Energy to conduct EV educational outreach campaigns in LMI communities in San Diego County. More information regarding EV incentives and rebates: