Community Charter School

MAAC Community Charter School was established in 2001 in response to the increasing need for a supportive, alternative learning environment to help struggling students gain self-confidence, embrace learning and earn a high school diploma.

MAAC Community Charter School (MCCS) offers students a unique curriculum in which they learn traditional subjects in relation to real-world issues. Our community-based approach is grounded in the theory of Critical Pedagogy and encourages an atmosphere in which academic progress is expected and diversity is embraced. Chartered by Sweetwater Union High School District, MCCS is open to students 14 – 24 years old and provides the same core education classes offered at district high schools. Four “Career Pathway” tracts provide students with a baseline knowledge and skill set in the areas of multimedia, healthcare, business and entrepreneurship, and theatre arts.

Today, MCCS serves over 300 students at its lively Chula Vista campus. Many of the school’s students will be the first of their families to graduate high school with plans to continue on to college or vocational training. MCCS’s Class of 2017 boasted 92 graduates; their plans after high school include college, vocational training, joining the military and community volunteering.

The Mission of MAAC Community Charter School is to:

  • Provide a safe and accepting environment where diversity is recognized, valued and celebrated.
  • Provide an effective, qualified, and caring staff who are available to mentor and advocate for all students.
  • Provide a challenging curriculum through project and problem based learning.
  • Recognize and meet the language needs of English Language Learners to increase their proficiency in English through the strategic use of home language and instructional strategies.
  • Encourage students to question and connect their experiences to their learning.
  • Provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills they can use in the community and throughout their lives.
  • Provide ROP/CTE courses in Theatre, Business/Accounting, and Multi-Media.
MCCS is open to any resident of San Diego County. Enrollment begins prior to the beginning of each of the four grading sessions in August, January, March and June. All prospective students must participate in an orientation and advising meeting to ensure an academic program can be designed to meet the student’s educational and personal needs.

For more information, please call MAAC Community Charter School at (619) 476-0749.

 Visit MAAC Community Charter School’s site (external link)