Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Education


1355 Third Avenue, Chula Vista, CA 91911
(Program Entrance is Located at North Side of Building)


9 AM – 9 PM Mon-Fri

(619) 409-1780

8 AM – 5 PM Mon-Fri

MAAC’s Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Education Program aims to reduce the negative impact and number of people driving under the influence of controlled substances. The program is part of MAAC’s Health & Well-being pathway and offers safe, supportive, and confidential counseling services to individuals whose driving privileges have been restricted due to DUI.

This program is one of three agencies in San Diego County that are licensed by the State of California and serves nearly 1,600 participants every month.

Participants are referred by the San Diego County Superior Court, San Diego County Probation Office, or the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). MAAC’s team of certified alcohol and drug counselors provides individual and group counseling sessions, as well as education services and resources to drivers and their families. While enrolled in the program, participants explore and discuss their relationship with alcohol or drugs with the goal of identifying the causes that led them to drink and drive, and ultimately prevent a recurrence.

The program takes between 6 weeks to 18 months to complete. Counseling sessions and classes are available in English and in Spanish, five days per week with day and evening options to offer participants flexibility in scheduling.

Since its establishment in 1976, the program has helped more than 63,000 individuals re-evaluate their relationship with controlled substances keeping our streets and communities safer.

How to Sign Up for a Mandated DUI Program:

Participants should have the following information on hand to start the enrollment process (this can usually be found on referrals/DMV printout).

  • Current Address
  • Phone Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Arrest Date
  • BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration)
  • Case Number
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Court Referral OR DMV Printout/Admin Per Se
  • Email Address

You will need to schedule an appointment for orientation by calling (619) 409-1780 ext. 1201. It is the participant’s responsibility to know what program they will be enrolling for as MAAC does not determine the length or type of program participants enroll in.

In addition, the following documentation and steps will be needed to complete enrollment.

  1. A Court referral OR DMV Admin Per Se (APS) and Citation from law enforcement or a Driving History Print out from the DMV, will be needed at the time of the appointment for orientation.
    • Court Referral: Given to participant at the San Diego County’s Substance Abuse Assessment Unit (SAAU) after court date.
    • DMV Admin Per Se: Letter from the DMV stating that participant’s license was suspended and this document will include the arrest date.
    • Driving History Print Out: This is required IF you want proof of enrollment sent to the DMV for a restricted license.
    • Citation from law enforcement can be used but must be accompanied with the Admin Per Se letter from the DMV.
  2. Down payment will need to be made at the time of orientation. Forms of payment accepted include money order, cashier check, Visa or Master Card.. Participants must confirm with the receptionist when scheduling their appointment on the amount that will be due and prices are subject to change.
  3. Photo identification, names need to match the paperwork and photo ID.
  4. Bring the documentation listed above to orientation. This will help speed up the process.
  5. For Telehealth Services participants will need a valid email and the Zoom app downloaded on their electronic device.

ORIENTATION is MANDATORY. Participants will review program rules, sign contract, consent forms and will then be sent to scheduling team.

The team will schedule participants for classes and education sessions at that time. Only those requesting proof of enrollment will get a copy. Please allow 5 business days for this to occur. Participants should be ready with dates and times they will be available to take classes. Group sessions run from 9 am to 7 pm, days vary.

From here participants are ready to take classes. They receive Zoom link and must sign in five minutes early to deal with connectivity issues. If taking in person classes, please arrive 10 minutes prior to start time and if doing virtual services you will receive a zoom link the day of your scheduled activity and must sign in 5 to 10 minutes early to deal with any possible connectivity issues. There is not grace period for any scheduled activities, you MUST arrive on time and will not be allowed in if late even if it is one minute there is no grace period for telehealth classes, you must arrive on time. Rules and regulations will be followed during Zoom meetings. There is ZERO tolerance for being late. Participants must use the same name that was used for registration into the program during Zoom meetings, for identification purposes and entry into the meeting.

Classes are completed based upon state requirements and length time. Any missed activities will result in a delayed completion program and a missed activity fee

Program completion takes place when the participant finishes all group, face-to-face sessions, education and self-help courses, and there is a zero balance on the participant’s account. The DMV will be notified within 10 days of completion.

Counselor Contact Information:

Lily Aldretelaldrete@maacproject.orgExt 1230
Harold Bushhbush@maacproject.orgExt 1227
Cynthia Castillonccastillon@maacrproject.orgExt 1360
Gildardo Cazaresgicazares@maacproject.orgExt 1220
Robert Gideonrgideon@maacproject.orgExt 1245
Rose Gomezrgomez@maacproject.orgExt 1234
Deborah Guerrerodguerrero@maacproject.orgExt 1288
Walter Hutchinswhutchins@maacproject.orgExt 291
Macrina Leyvamleyva@maacproject.orgExt 1224
Lydia Lopezllopez@maacproject.orgExt 1222
John McCreadyjmccready@maacproject.orgExt 1232
Rudy Orozcororozco@maacproject.orgExt 1226
Angel Riveraarivera@maacproject.orgExt 1221
Debra Scottdescott@maacproject.orgExt 1360
Ty Tylertztyler@maacproject.orgExt 1218
Linda Rios Velasquezlvelasquez@maacproject.orgExt 1361

Program Manager Contact Information

Theresa Gamez, Lead Program Manager, tgamez@MAACproject.org, Ext 1235
Myles Kurashige, Program Operation Coordinator, mkurashige@MAACproject.org, Ext 1206

Telehealth Service Delivery

We are currently conducting services using the HIPAA compliant Zoom platform. If you need assistance or tutorial instructions, please review this information.

Session registration requires first and last name and shared video. We recommend registering 5 minutes prior to each session to ensure adequate connectivity and admittance into the session.

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MAAC’s DUI Program is a program of