Our Impact

Since opening its doors in 1965, MAAC has been dedicated to assisting children, youth and adults who have found themselves without: some in a cycle of poverty, searching for hope and support to improve themselves and to establish self-sufficient lives.

Through the years, we have grown just as the needs of our community have grown. MAAC’s programs are interconnected just as life is — home, education, wellness and employment — to help families enhance their own lives through lifestyle changes.

Whether residing in one of MAAC’s housing communities; participating in any of MAACs education programs; finding wellness through MAAC recovery homes; or as a community member searching for specific support — our programs strive to improve all clients’ economic standing as well as their ability to access resources available to them.

Before an individual can begin the pathway to economic self-sufficiency, their immediate and emergency needs must be addressed first.

MAAC provides a full spectrum of resources under one roof, from basic services to systemic solutions based on five core pathways of service: Advocacy & Leadership Development, Economic Development, Education, Health & Well-being, and Housing. The common thread weaving our programs together is our collective work as an organization and as a community partner to offer resources needed to achieve self-sufficiency. No other single organization offers San Diego’s community the breadth of services that we do. Since 1965, MAAC has served as the cornerstone of a brighter future to thousands in San Diego.

Our MAAC 2022 Highlights