Leadership Team

Diverse, hard-working and multitalented.

Members of our Leadership Team bring a variety of backgrounds and experience to the organization. Individually, each brings a unique perspective to the table. Together, they work to build better futures for children, women and men in our community.

Arnulfo Manriquez
President &
Chief Executive Officer

Lisette Islas
Executive Vice President &
Chief Impact Officer

Austin Foye
Vice President &
Chief Financial Officer
Adolfo Ventura
Vice President &
Chief Operating Officer
Nikki Alcaraz
Claudia Arreola
Director of Child Development
Travis Gregory
Director of Human Resources
Taylor Harrell
Director of Learning and Evaluation
Christopher Ramirez
Director of Real Estate Development
Tommy Ramirez
Director of MAAC Community Charter School
Elsa Roth
Director of Communications