Economic Development

MAAC’s Economic Development division seeks to develop self-reliant families and healthy, sustainable communities.

Economic Development offers a multitude of services centered upon the basic needs of low- and moderate-income residents throughout the county. Our programs focus on behavioral challenges that are often seen in individuals who live in generational poverty. Utilizing a “Bundling of Services” approach, we work closely with individuals to address behavioral goals and identify supportive services, ultimately leading participants towards self-reliance.

Click below for a description of programs within our Economic Development division:

Programs & Services
Immigration Supportive Services
Partnerships in the community allow MAAC to provide outreach and immigration supportive services. MAAC facilitates community forums at which people have benefitted from updated resource information and interaction with immigration professionals at no cost.learn more
STEP Centers
STEP Centers offer centralized, comprehensive services based on a counseling social services model to promote economic prosperity by creating pathways to financial stability. Services are based on a three-pronged approach: overcoming barriers to employment; enhancing income and/or employment; and promoting behaviors that lead to financial stability.learn more